Saturday, October 4, 2014

Phantom scarecrow, and The Scary Time is Here!

Hia! Bluewat here for my first real post! we have the daily items,  and Animal Jam has updated to make fall turn Halloween! There is also a Phantom scarecrow that is animated when you touch it . (it roars and scares the crow on it's arm.) so here are the pictures!

Wearable items
Giant Phantom
Wondering why this came out? It has nothing to do with Halloween! xD
World Animal Day Banner
 Scarecrow ----->
Tell me how I did! Please be truthful! Have a great 'n' Scary day! Remember, play Animal Jam!
~Bluewat :3


  1. Woah the scarecrow actually does that?? Wow I can't believe I just found that out lol

    1. pretty interesting, and im wondering whether AJ will make more items like this.

  2. The World Animal Day banner came out because October 4th is World Animal Day. It's upsetting that so many people forget.

    1. oh awesome! so sorry if that offended you. I love the thought o World animal day! :3


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