Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Night of the Phantoms, Spooky Ghosts and Bat Facts

Hi buddies, sorry for no post yesterday. (This is Stang.)

I guess Bluewat was unable to post, and Riverclanmistyfoot was unable to post since yesterday, although I hope she will be able to continue posting soon.

There's a lot of new items:

The Ghost Balloon is very cute and is a new item this year.

The Ghosts are a returning item and are a great item to put in your den if you're planning to make a Night of the Phantoms themed den. 

Another sppoky, new item is the Spooky Tree, found in the Epic Wonders.

The Nessie Mask is also new. 

I believe the Nessie Mask is based of a mythical creature called the Loch Ness Monster. 

An old photograph that roused much suspicion. 
Here is a cool picture of the full map in the new pet adventure! It resembles.. a phantom!

Thanks to IceClaw28730 for sending in this picture!
 Bat facts have appeared around Jamaa! They may also include other night creatures but I only clicked on one so far. There was a bat fact with little bat wings on the side of the box.

That's not it for today! There are random Halloween costumes on the Fun page. Bye jammers, share to support and jam on!


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  1. I guess either the phantoms or AJ like balloons a lot.


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