Monday, October 20, 2014

Rare Balloon, Two New AJ Ads, and the Mask That Was On Fire

Hey buddies, this is Stang!

I made a new special post (click here to read it).

Okay, so I read some comments on the special post and they weren't very nice. Okay so I was hoping you guys didn't see me as greedy posting about how to send presents around the time of my birthday. You don't have to send presents. My birthday just reminded me of that stuff.
Note: I deleted the comments because they have bad words, plus they're not kind.

Anyway, today is Monday so here's the Monday Rare! The Rare Phantom Balloon has rather friendly colors but it seems pretty nice anyway.

Here is the Flaming Jock-O'-Lantern Mask! I love it because it's is cool.

Here is a new Animal Jam advertisement I found today. It's about fashion and parties. It always seems to me that the fox is always in the fashion Animal Jam advertisements, like in the old purple one about Best Dressed and more. 

Click read more for a little mystery and another advertisement! :)

Here's an alpha AJ ad! I call it the blue Graham ad. 

And here is a little mystery I found some time ago! Okay, so here is I in the Bahari Bargains and I'm wondering about those shadows. 
How weird. Got any ideas or answers to why this happened? Post your idea in the comments. 

That's it for today, bye jammers! Share to support and play wild!



  1. Uh it says the new jack o lantern mask is member.. Not non member.

  2. Great Refrence to the Hunger Games :3

  3. I think you removed my comment on the special post, but it didn't include nothing bad in it.

    1. Oh whoa I'm so sorry Sebo I did a "mass deleting" because the hater made A LOT of comments so I must have not read them closely. Sorry!


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