Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spooky and Haunted Items, Phantoms, Masks,and the Den Portal

Hi buddies this is Stang.

Sorry about the no post, jammers. Where did my authors go D:
You can sign up to be one if you want. Just comment below or send me the info in any other way (preferably by email.)

Anyway, we have a bunch of new stuff!

In the regular clothing shop, we have the Robot Mask and the Zombie Mask!

In the regular den shop, we have a Spooky Couch, Spooky Chair, Spooky Sewer Cover and Haunted Bookshelf!

Why is the Spooky theme located in two different places?

By the way, here is the Spooky Lamp from the Kimbara Imports. 

Here are two possible prizes from the latest phantom adventure where you are you pet and collect candy. 
(Plus a weird, reoccurring glitch.)

Today, I was standing around talking with my buddy and someone traded me a wooden den portal, yay! (For my freedom wings, but those things came in a while ago.)

Click read more to find out more about the den portal and an ironic event....

The picture above is what the portal looks like before you have chosen someone, and here is what it looks like when you are choosing a buddy. (Snowytaco! :D)

When you want to enter the portal a yellow arrow will appear. Click it to enter. 
Everything you go to another place the portal's color will change, unless the same color was picked by random. (Unless there's an order... I'm not sure. 

Hey, look! Ironically Snowytaco has a portal to my den!

 Phantom lazer o3o

 Thanks for reading, share to support, comment and jam on!


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  1. I can confirm those items are from Bitter Sweets Adventure, for I did get them :3


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