Friday, October 17, 2014

Monterous Hair, and Halloween chocies

                           Hi people! Bluewat finally here for another post! (If you didn't notice I Disappeared without a trace for a week xD)  Well, since there was only one daily item today, im doing a little I-ask-you answer-kind of thing!

                                                     Here is the Daily Item..

                        So, like I said before I need some help deciding some Halloween/den decorating help.

                   What should I dress up as on Halloween night? Do you readers want me to tell you a Halloween story on The Night (Halloween)?  And last of all, should I Decorate my den Halloween Style, Egyptian, or make an ice cream parlor. Trust me, I have enough gems.
 (29,267, in fact)
          Please comment. it would help, and I have some REALLY good Halloween stories. But, this is all based on YOUR response! Have a spooky day, jammers!

~Bluewat :3


  1. Great post Bluewat! BTW dats a lot of gems...

    1. I guess you could go with an Egyptian theme. Den and costume!

  2. Mkay, You should make a scary theme. I could help you if you want, i am webkinz78620. I have a lot of gems and a lot of old scary things! Great post!
    Your truely,


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