Thursday, October 16, 2014

Weekly AJ Comics, Spooky Epic Items, Green Diamonds and More!

Hi buddies! This is Stang.
Sorry for no post yesterday; Bluewat came back about two days ago so I posted the day she came and I assumed she would start posting the next day.

Today we have a lot from the Daily Explorer, a real picture of the fabled green diamonds and a bunch of new items!

Here's the Coffin, part of the spooky theme in Kimbara Imports.

Here are two new items from the Epic Wonders: the Epic Dragon Wings and Epic Dragon Skull. 

Also from the Epic Wonders is the Bubbling Cauldron! This item seems amazing, and the art is interesting. Usually Animal Jam are is block-like instead of fading purple light in this item. 

And today's last item is the Superhero Cape, from the Bahari Bargains. 

Thanks to Iceclaw28730 for sending in this picture of green diamonds. These fabled diamonds have finally been caught on camera! :)
(It's somewhat blurry because it was literally caught on camera.)

Here are four posts from the Daily Explorer!

My favorite one are the comics. It seems like Animal Jam was destined to be in them. They're amazing!

Click 'Read More" to read the next comic (the sequel) and more from the Daily Explorer!

Here's the second part. A new comic comes out every week!

Here are two more DE posts!

Egyptian items!

And here is some art!

That was a lot! Come back tomorrow for more. Share to support and jam on, bye!



  1. sorry abut that Stang, I'm still backed up on homework and tests xU but I don't have any school tomorrow, so i'll post.

    1. Omg i don't have school the 16th! I wonder if we... Nvm X3 and Stang a wonderful post again!

    2. I have school then. I have break on Saturday and Sunday.


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