Friday, October 10, 2014

Water Tutu, Green Diamonds, and Pet Adventure

Hi buddies, this is Stang posting today.

Before the new item and everything else stated above in the title, I would like to remind you that you can ask to be an author anytime, just follow the directions on the right sidebar. (The text gadget that is about becoming an author.)

Anyway, today's new item is the Tutu, which is an underwater item found at Bahari Bargains.

Today when I visited the Diamond Shop, the diamonds blinked green for a fraction of a second. I wasn't expecting it so I decided to go somewhere else and return to see if it 'glitched' again. It did, but it's always too fast for me to take a screenshot (and I can't take videos). 

It's very strange... Did this ever happen to you? Any ideas why it happens?

Just not I noticed that adventures that you can't join due to being a non-member or having a low level are put in grey-scale. (Sorry if this is old; I don't use my seal much while playing adventures.)

Here are some pictures of the latest adventure, which features your pet and prototype phantoms. You chase them to get 4 pieces of candy. There is a time limit of, I believe, 12 minutes?

Click read more to see more adventure pictures, plus the DE and a short summary. 

Pet dogs can unlock the special chest. 

There's strange phantom goo everywhere likewise on the Jamaa Journal. 

Here's the Daily Explorer: Thanks for playing safe!
Never tell anyone your password and be kind online.

That's it for today. (Or is it...?) Share to support, comment feedback, and jam on!



  1. Stangy!!! Did you forget I sent you a picture of the green diamonds?!

    1. I think I put it in a post a while ago...

    2. No you said it was photoshopped.

    3. Oh okay I'll look for it. (Or can you send it to me?)

  2. Im back Stang! Sorry I that I couldn't post this week..


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