Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 New Year's Party and New Item!

Hey Jammers! This is SnowyTaco! Right now there is a New Year's Party for 2014! Lots of new and surprising things! Read the post for more info!

These are the new items that are sold at the party! There's a Phantom Balloon, FREEDOM WINGS, Frankenstein Mask, Freedom Lion Hat, Curly Wig, and Clover Earmuffs.

Returning Music!

2014 Banner and other new items!

Me at the Party! (I became a member! :P )

Plus the New Item, the Snow Shovel! Sold at Jam Mart Furniture!

Sorry, I'm in a rush, gonna be pretty busy today!

I also got a drawing tablet for Christmas, so I can do some art requests maybe! Ask in the comments!


  1. Replies
    1. I'll try my best! idk if I can finish it though

  2. I will get a tablet to ;)! I got it on the internet so it should come soon.

  3. Wait, Do you mean like a tablet to draw or like a tablet like an Ipad and stuff like that?

    1. Owe. Sorry I badly readed first time lol. I will get a normal tablet (Like to play games download apps etc..).

  4. yay! u got membership! now u can postu more! u r so lucky! my parents won't get me membership! ^•.•^ so sad !D:


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