Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gems, Jump, and Comment Record

Hey buddies! This is the Stang! :D

Today's Jamaaliday gift is a rare Spike!

No just kidding, it's just 600 gems. (I guess that's better than last time; 300 gems.)

If you played Animal Jam today, you may have noticed they changed the bottom scroll to an ad about Jump. 

One of our awesome readers pointed out that we should have a party for 250 posts, which will come in about 6 days, unless I double post, because right now, this one is the 245th post. 

Comments, comments, comments! We currently have 881 comments right now, and I found the 500th comment!
Congrats sebothebest for being the 500th commenter! 
He said: 
"Ok. Well i will comment. And ill follow the rules. "

Also, I just want to say, the party time. I made a mistake with it; I forgot to put the Eastern countries a day ahead. (By the way, sorry Western countries for only putting one time zone; the Americans aren't that wide, therefore reducing the amount of time zones.)


20,000 Views Party Time

Time: (countries stated below are the top viewing countries)

December 15, 2013

The Americas: afternoon

December 16, 2013

Russia: Early Morning
China: Late Afternoon/Early Evening
Australia: Evening


Stang's Den
or Snowytaco's
or Crispymint's


Yourself and Fun
Gifts are allowed


Anyway, thanks for reading and have a great day, jammers! Be a great buddy and jam on! Bye!



  1. i really wish the gift would be a rare spike :( THAT WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME!!! -iceclaw28730

    1. Sadly, if it was the rare spike, the rare spike would lose its rareness for many players have it D:

    2. Good point, Miracle Worker, because it would lead to many people quitting and sadness.

  2. Wow thanks! I didn't even know i was 500 commenter :P. Lol and i remember that comment XD.

  3. And i hope ill could go to the party :P. But what time exactly is it for the Americas?

    1. It really depends on where you live because if I remember correctly, the Americas have at least 4 time zones. For the most east side, it is around 5 I think, and 1-2 for the most west side.

    2. Owe. Well ill try to be there afternoon in my time.


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