Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gems and Reindeer Mask

Hai buddies! This is the Stang again, in a much [MUCH] earlier post today. 

Today's new item is 700 gems, 100 more than last time's gem present. 

The new item today is the Reindeer Mask, which is members. 

Also, new poll results! Buddies say that the Gingerbread House den being the member's gift every year is traditional, and others say that don't like it. 

Thanks for reading! Share to support, and jam on!



  1. Oh,... So I hadn't been commenting lately, right? Well, Now I am.

    I had already created a website about the Animal Jam Buddies Haters Team! Check It Out! :

    Wow! Splendid! And This Little Old Blog (Which Can Also Be Known As A Company) Shut Down!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    We won't impersonate as Jamaa Stang Again, But Will Stay As Animal Jam Buddies Haters Team 1.

    1. You should leave hater! No one likes the immature and hateful way you are acting! This is one form of cyberbullying which is illegal! One of us could turn you in, because of your horrible actions. Stang is awesome and there is no reason to say bad things about her. Your actions are immature and no one appreciates the hate you show towards Stang!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I don't care who the heck you are, but why do you hate us anyway?! We never did anything to you, so all we can say is that you could be just one jealous little kid okay. Commenting bad stuff is going to get you nowhere.

      And btw: haters make us famous - (quote from the internet)


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