Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Surrender and Shoes

Hey jammers! This is Stang. 

No more haters! ^-^
(Btw that's the imposter, not me.)

Anyway, new Jamaaliday gift are Elf Shoes. 

They look like this. 

There's also different colors. 

The view count is 15 views away from 20,000!

And.. some polls. 

Thanks for reading! Share to support and I hope you're the 20,000 viewer! :)



  1. lol no one picked elated on the polls because they didn't know what it meant you should the ( ) next time to tell what it means i knew what it meant be i chose RAGE!

  2. The AJB Anonymous JakeDecember 4, 2013 at 5:21 AM

    Haha, I am Anonymous AJB Jake, And I am One Of The Team Of The AJB Hater, While My Boss is away, I am here to tell you that it was one of your fans who did that. And listen carefully: We Are The Anonymous AJB Team. We will NOT surrender.

    1. Another hater... Well, maybe your 'boss' (most likely a kid) had a change of heart, and realized what is moral, or at least being neutral. Btw, I doubt that a fan (which I prefer to call blog reader or buddy) would create a fake account to say they surrender. Therefore, due to guesstimating, it must bee your 'boss'.

    2. The AJB Anonymous JakeDecember 5, 2013 at 4:21 AM

      Nope... Im the same hater... If I am another hater why would I want to come in when there is one of your fans saying we surrendered! So now, we won't impersonate as Jamaa Stang, but become our true selves. We are going to create a blog which releates about our hates to this blog, AJB. Wait for it. It will come up next, next week, any day.

    3. Large mouth. If you do the blog, I will tell Stang to report it! Ha, hater!

    4. Dude….. ur not scaring anyone here. AJ buddies is not shutting down. You can't bring Stang down by your hate messages. If u haven't already figured that out… ur seriously messed up in the brain… ALso i can give you a multitude of reasons, why you would come in there, but i will just give the top reason. You are jealous. CHILLL OUT BEFORE YOU START HUFFIN N PUFFIN LIKE THE BIG BAD WOLF… Im not judging, just assuming. Stang's blog is successful, and I'm guessing you have a blog, which is not. Either that or u want to be like stang, but ur 2 proud to admit it.

      Ur a kid, like all of us. An adult wouldn't even be playing AJ (which is a REALLY sad thing ;'( ) And for a kid to have so much hate….. its just sad :( When i say 'kid' i mean 18<! Also, if i was you, i would never let this be my 'true self' as you just put. If u just feel some sort of freedom, by commenting anonymously hates, please go to a cytologist, cuz other than a release 4 ur hate, sending hates doesn't have advantages. Also, srly? A whole blog dedicated to AJB hates? Wow dude, u must be srly hardworking, i would be way to lazy to set up a whole hate website, BUT back to the point, why not use all that determination on…. schoolwork? Hey I'm making this up as i go along…

      Im not gonna judge, but just comment if u agree with one of these useless black dots, of which i have just written. ;) Till then, don't b hatin :)


    5. I love you comment; it's so rightful!

    6. Oh hello there. Didn't notice how jealous you were until you posted that message. Heh heh. I'm keeping this nice and simple. I think. Why are you doing this? Find a wonderful reason, then tell me. If it's like "Because I can" I officially think (wait, not think) *clears throat* I mean you're jealous. Yes, I believe your "boss" is completely a kid. An immature kid. Not surrender? What are you? A FBI agent or something? DUDE, this is a blog. Not some crime scene where you go like "We will NOT surrender". I know you're just doing this to agitate us and sit there laughing at us all angry at you. At first I was extremely angry at you until I realized, what the heck it wrong with you? Did you have too much sugar? Take the wrong pills? Or something? You're just doing this because her blog is amazing and you're jealous. Find a good reason why you are doing this, but then on, I still find you jealous at Stang. Sorry if this message offense some people. Please delete this comment if you find it offending.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh no, stang! The hater says he gonna create a blog that will hate this one. But is he lying or not? 0-0

    2. Yup, I saw it. I get an email for each post with a new comment when someone comments. I'll just contact the big company or something.

    3. I dun think u have to bring in the big guns just yet, cuz this hater doesn't seem to be really threatening, so theres not much we can do about, or tell the company


    4. Yeah, I'll just ignore the haters.

    5. hey stang you might want to check out the haters website

  4. I might have a idea on who this is Stang.. I saw someone with the user AJBisgoing down.. Something like that.

  5. AJB Person if you are reading this comment i have a channel on youtube and my friend has a channel and we are really popular stang fans and me and my friend's youtube channel will take you down.Oh yeah i forgot to add your "Boss" is probaly a 7-9 year old trying to fake you guys out that hes like 18 but thats all me and my friend had to say and stang ignore haters like AJB there just jelly that your a huge hit.


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