Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cane Lights and Jamaa Journal

Hey buddies, this is the Stang! ^-^

Sorry for late post again (explanation: life). 

Anyway, before I start, new game! :D

New Jamaaliday gift: Candy Cane Lights!

Jamaa Journal! I didn't put some, because they were repeats. 


New item form Adventures, thaks Nat01801!

Bye buddies!



  1. Hey stang, i haven't kind left my old g+ so my new one is Rainbow Dashh (2 d's cause google) i think i've already added you on it

  2. Lol stang you did a misspelling error. you have writen ''thaks'' XD. :P

  3. it is an advertisement because the app costs money and they are advertising the app for many to see


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