Saturday, December 7, 2013

Party, Mystery, and Items

Hey buddies, this is the second post today, again by the Stang.

I'm planning to have the 20,000 Views Party on Sunday, evening/night for the East, and noon/afternoon for the West.

Nobody has claimed to be the 20,000th viewer, so I'll just take whoever is closest.

I also found out the unknown sled's name: Pet Sled. (If you look at the pic above, there's one of my hamsters on the sled ^-^ See f you can find 2 more!)

I missed an item today, so here it is: the nonmember Wreath Necklace.

Anyway, here's a mystery: When you open the door in the Diamond Shop, it shows green ground. 

But in reality (or virturality) it's snow covered ground. 
How could this be? Post your answer in the comments. (Plz don't say AJHQ made a mistake.)

In the Diamond Shop too, they're selling last year's gifts for one diamond. 

With the coming of deer, plushies have come too!

Anyway, new awesome stuff on Fun! It's really cool!

Well, thanks for reading, and share to support!




  1. nopony claimed it? 030 i thought i showed you a picture with the 20 thousand mark

    1. Really? Sorry I probably didn't see it. So you are the 20,000th viewer, or did you just get somewhere around 20,000?

    2. 20,000th o3o

    3. Whoa..... What's your username? I'll get you a prize at the party.

    4. Ovipaulann, not sure if i can make it to the party, what's the date?

    5. Right now. (Actually I'm a little late.)

  2. Yay! Deer plushie =). Lol i remember when the raccoon was a new animal and the plushie came out.

  3. Hi stang :3 the day that was posted was my b-day! :) i love this blog and i just started like a week ago or so XD
    ~Cheetah87516 =)


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