Friday, December 27, 2013

Deer Antlers

Hey jammers! This is the Stang!

Today's new item is the Deer Antlers!

Pretty much a more angled copy of antlers:

I was kinda in a rush yesterday, so I couldn't post something special.
I thought deer fur was going to be like a mustache things but it turned out to be.. well.. fur, like on an Arctic Wolf.

What is really is:                                                          What I thought it would be:


Talking about deer, I found this cool picture:

Animal Jam's paw print logo thing is small when you search up stuff they don't want you to, like deleting an account. 

Anyway, thanks for reading! I'm going to post some less-cheesy stuff on fun, and yeah! Share to support and have fun!


P. S. I forgot to post new items form the Jamaaliday Jam! 


  1. XD. The thing what you thought it will be, looks like a beard.

  2. srry i commented with my g+ account

    1. Boy, I somehow destroyed my blogger account. I think I know how but i'm not sure -.-. Remember that one when i'm commenting with it always?

    2. Yup! That one with the pic of you on AJ.

    3. Yea. I will ask my dad or my bro to fix it if they know how.

  3. :( paul forgot to send me a bow and arrow... anyone else willing to?

  4. its ok paul. i dont really care if i dont get one or not.


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