Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jamaaliday Items, DE, and Videos

Hey jammers! Stang here, and sorry for extremely late post.

I'm in a rush, so you can tell what the stuff is and that (you know) by the pictures.

Member's den item, somewhat called the Jamaaliday Wreath.

The non-rare anemone bow.

New DE posts!

Two new videos by National Geographic Animal Jam.

Anyway, I might come back later to put in some writing and stuff, but this is it for now. 

Don't forget! Party on Sunday for the Americas, and party on Monday for the Eastern half! See yesterday's post for more info! :) Bye!



  1. Stang, under special announcements it says AJ is coming to mobile devices soon, and it did, so i think u should take it off

    1. Good point; I'll take it off. Btw thanks for being so attentive to all of our blog stuff!


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