Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Short Post Today! Sorry!

Hey Jammers! I expected stang to post today, but since she didn't, I'll just will. I'm running low on time, so you should just tell by the pics.

This is what I meant when I said the 21st present sparkled a bit.

Today's gift is 800 gems! (awww not again :P)

Gingerbread Garden at Epic Wonders!

Candy Cane Crown returned! Sold at Bahari Bargains!

And that's about it for today! ( ^ - ^ )/

8 days till Christmas!!! WOOOOOOOO!!

Chip and Dale

Random Christmas gifs because this post is getting boringggggg :3

Oh, and have you guys seen the movie Frozen yet? I think it's really good! ^o^

This is Sven the Moose from Frozen.

Ok, that's it now! Bye everyone! :D


  1. the sparkle probably means it is a diamond because the eighth gift was sparkling and it was a diamond

    1. Oh really? Thanks! I never got the diamond on the 8th though DDDD: Good thinking! :)

  2. Oh! Do you mean the Frozen Movie From Disney? Yes! It was a Very, Very Nice And Exciting Show!!!

    1. I just loved that movie! AND I LOVE OLAF HES SO AWESOME >w<

  3. Replies
    1. You mustt!!!!!!!! 5 out of 4 stars :D

    2. Really? I gave up Disney Princess movies years ago

    3. Oh .-.
      But may I ask why your name starts with Princess?


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