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Fun: November 2013



November 30, 2013

Hey jammers, it's me Stang. As you may already know, I like to create games on, and guess what?

Another GREAT game! But it's different than other platformer games:

~It NEVER ends
~Some levels are illusions
~It's just plain fun and 1000% Stang made!

Want to play it? Click this sentence!

Here's some pictures of game play.

The titles screen.                              The beginning, with a small tutorial.      There are some easy levels.


 Some complex.  And some really cool illusion levels!

November 29 and a half, 2013

New game by Stang!

Click here to check it out!

It's a really fun, mysterious, and random Ink Blot Generator game! Just try and check it out!

Here's some sample pictures: 

This is like.. a sideways tree in patch of dirt. 

A unicorn-mermaid sitting on a fish?! XD

Let you imagination flow...

Click here to check it out!

November 29, 2013

Some funny Thanksgiving pictures of none other than the Stang's favorite costume:

The Turkey

Some pictures of turkeys with a small description, and narration by, who else, the Stang.

This is a bunny in a turkey costume, but let's just say it's a turkey.

If you look at this one, and stare at the head (turkey hat) your brain gets tricked and starts to think it really is a turkey!

Well, I know this is a day or two late, but Happy Thanksgiving!

Or according to AJHQ, Happy Feast of Thanks!

Unfortunately, there are disadvantages to being a turkey. 

November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's a game to celebrate Thanksgiving! Some eastern countries already have Thanksgiving, while it is tomorrow for some western countries.

Click the link to play:

November 26, 2013

An ironic picture of trading!

November 25, 2013

I [finally] finished the former WIP wolves info below, and Snowytaco and I have agreed on the genres of the book.
They are:

  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Animals
  4. Realistic Fiction
  5. Romance Comedy
A small illistration for #5:

[ Ha ha ]> (:0)-<-<

November 24, 2013

Like Nyan Cat?

Well here's another new game by Stang, based off of Nyan Cat FLY!

November 23, 2013

New game by Stang!

The full version of the game you all have been waiting for--Minion, full version!

November 17, 2013



The subject, chosen by readers, is wolves. Stang has conducted some research, and has chosen one location, and two wolf species. Read the following passage below to find out what, and why.

Stang chose the location to be Canada, for it is where Grey Wolves are most abundant. A neighboring wolf species are the Arctic Wolves, which you can relate to on Animal Jam (Animal Jam got second place in the poll). Here are some facts about the two species to make the story realistic and believable.

A. The Real Facts

1. Similar

~Packs: 4-7; consist of 2 alphas, their pups, and other young wolves
~Social: close relationships and strong social bonds, deep family affects, for their  may sacrifice themselves for family members
~Communication: bark, whine, growl, howl
~Wolves howl when it is lighter at night, usually during full moon, but not specifically only at full moon
~Pups: mating season is Jan. -Feb., 4-7 pups, boren blind and defenseless, matures in 10 months
~Are hunters and scavengers; carnivores

2. Grey Wolves

~Habitat: Alaska, Canada, and Greenland
~Diet: elk, deer, moose, caribou, beaver, rabbit
~Fur: white, brown, grey, cinnamon, black
~Height: 2' 2" - 2' 8" or 0.66 m. - 0.81 m.
~Weight: 55-130 pounds or 25-59 kg.
~Length: 4' 6" - 6' 6" or 1.37 - 2 meters
~Lifespan: 7-8 years, occasionally 10+

3. Arctic Wolves

~Habitat: Northern Canada and Greenland
~Diet: caribou, musk oxen, Arctic Hares, seals, ptarmigan, and lemmings
~Fur: usually white, although summer hues vary
~Height: 2' 1" - 2' 9" or 0.64 - 0.79 meters
~Weight: 100-175 pounds or 45 - 79 kg.
~Length: 3' - 6' or 0.9 - 1.8 meters
~Lifespan: 7 years

November 12, 2013

New game by Stang! Candy Catch!

November 11, 2013

New game by Stang! Cube World!

November 9, 2013

Have you heard of the new item, the Fire Bowl?

If you haven't, this is it, and when you click on it, fire come out. Click again, it stops.
Here's a cool GIF I made!

November 4, 2013

(As you guys voted for.)

This is a wolf howling. (That's me :P)

November 3, 2013

I didn't really have any weird AJ sightings so here's an old picture.
Teehee ^-^ Fat penguin :P

November 2, 2013

I made a random game called draw stuff. This is not your ordinary Microsoft-Paint or drawing program! It has RAINBOWS! Press the left or right key continuously to make your drawings be rainbow!

Click herto play!

Anyway.... Recently, the poll about new stuff on Fun ended.

The winning choices were:

~Weird AJ Sightings
I'll try to post those types of stuff on Fun, but as you may know, I can barely go online. Crispymint suggested that she will post some stuff relating to fun in posts.

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