Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Knitted Sweater and Everloop

HAPPY NEW YEARS to the East and...

This is the Stang, and I got a lot of new news for you! One new item, a cool AJHQ blog (not the DE), and some other stuff! :P

Today's new item it the Knitted Sweater! 

It really reminds me of the Jamaaliday Gift, Holiday Sweater. 
(Do you think AJHQ just ran out of ideas?)

I found an uber-cool AJHQ website, called Animal Jam Everloop! 
They have polls, posts, and sometimes even contests where you can win free membership!

They have a cool background!

And awesome posts! :D

Eagles might be coming to Jamaa, according to the Everloop poll! You know what'd be awesome? Having a Sky World!

Also, thanks everyone for all the awesome jam-a-grams!

Thanks Summerpaw21! :)
New Years Party! :D
(Part Harlem-shake, and hosted by my awesome buddy.)

Anyway, Happy New Years to the East, and Happy New Years Eve to the West! :D

Thanks for reading, and check out other parts of the blog, and comment! :)


P. S. For a new land, would you rather have Sky, Underground. Dream, or Space?
Comment you ideal choice, or one of your own! :)


  1. hey lemme tell you where the knitted sweater was seen. Remember the animal jam video, all tied up? the cheetah and his red sweater. hehe...

  2. I would say underground or sky But we would need like a flying animal for sky and we have a fox for underground but we need a meerkat or a mole or something like that. oh and stang were is the knitted sweater?!?!? I can't find it

  3. I always thought that AJ might release a flying bird for once :P but it'll look weird with clothes on

    1. They may make entirely new clothes for it, like they did for the under water animals.. And probably a new land, too. On the new update that announced eagles were officially here, the word "skies" was in all capitals.. So maybe a new land, ya think?


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