Sunday, December 29, 2013

Snowboard and Polls

Hiya buddies! This is the Stang! Sorry for a late post; I thought Snowytaco was posting. 

Anyway, the new item of the day is the member's Snowboard! 

Kinda reminds me of the snowboards in the Holiday Lab of Minion Rush! (I could only get a picture of the blue ones though.)

Here's a new adventure prize! (I'm pretty sure!) 
You can go to pizzaiskewl's den to check it out!

Also, two of the latest poll results!
The buddies think that the name-changing is 'Unique!' and that they like cats the best, with 'COG!!!' coming up, one vote away!

Also, the hater confessed on the Chat page, and that she was just jealous. Unfortunately, the chat page reset today, so I can't access they info and proof, but trust me, it's over. :)

Thanks for reading! Please share, and check out other parts of the blog! 


~Stang :)

P. S. New stuff on Fun! :)

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  1. You posted lately but have come up with an interesting post. The results of the poll seems to be in favour of cat with a slight inclination towards cog. So including it will be good as well.


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