Monday, September 23, 2013

Rare Skull Helmet and Blog Stats

Hey jammers! This is Stang ^-^

The Monday Rare today is the Rare Skull Helmet, as earlier predicted from the Phantom Adventures.
(Realize this is a re-used picture from our blog :P)

Also, a picture sent in by Webkinz78620!

And.. Blog stats! :)

This is what countries read the blog, what electronics they use to read it, and which operating systems.
Our top 2 viewing countries are United States and Russia, so Hi Americans, and привет (pronounced peh-de-veit) Russians! :D

Sorry it's a bit blurry; click on it for a bigger screen. 

The pages, ordered by most viewed to least.
You guys really like Fun and Chat, and currently Art has been catching on, but it's last because it's the newest page so far. (Talking about art, Snowytaco drew a boss Liza! Go to Art to check it out ^-^)

And, top posts. How to Get Free Worns, Pirate Swords, and Other Betas is #1. 

Thanks for reading! Please comment and share to show your support for AJ Buddies! Also, check out our other pages and posts! ^-^


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