Friday, September 27, 2013

Spiked Mohawk and Wristwatch

Hi jammers! It's Stang. Sorry for late post and no post yesterday. Snowytaco got all the picture so we let her post but then she was really busy and stuff, so honestly, it's not her fault or anything.

Anyway, the new item of the day is the spiked Mohawk. Rather colorful, and only 400 gems!

And yesterday's item: the Wristwatch. I wonder if it shows the real time ^-^

Also, there might be some contests and giveaways (an apology gift for yesterday's missed post). 

Here's the new Jamaa Journal:

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you understand about the missed post. (Everyone has busy lives, just like you and me.)

Please share and comment! :)



  1. when's the contest/giveaway?

    1. You can enter now, but I'm not sure when it ends.


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