Friday, September 12, 2014

A Hard Earned Pillow

Hello blog readers, this is Stang. Posting will continue to be not the earliest as I am dealing with bad Internet and an old computer plus, naturally, life which means school and other everyday duties. 

I've been staring at this for quite some time.... :T

Later a glitch happened. 

Anyway, about 15 minutes later, my account finally got logged in but I was away from the keyboard and I got logged out again. :(

So I just did some research and here is the new item: the Egyptian Pillow!

Credit to AnimalJamHail
Note: This post took me approximately half an hour.

That's all I can post for today so check back tomorrow. Bye jammers!



  1. why did it take you so looonnnng? (just wondering :3)

    1. Sorry my Internet was down and going on and off for a really long time. It took me half an hour to make this post. Plus, I, well, do other stuff in life.


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