Friday, September 19, 2014

I May Not Be Able to Post... Author Tryouts?

Hi buddies this is Stang.

I have some bad news:  may not be able to post. For a long time. My parents say I spend too much time on the blog and to be honest, sometimes I do.

I want to keep this blog alive, so we need authors. Right away. There can be more than one.

Author requirements:

  1. Post at least twice a week, maybe more depending on the amount of authors.
  2. Must be under 18 years old
  3. Must have a Google account
  4. Should post at least the daily item for each day you should post
  5. Good spelling and grammar
  6. Is able to take screenshots
  7. Keeps promises; will fulfill requirements
You can comment below, and leave your Google email below, too. Then write a little bit about yourself and maybe a 'fake post' too. 
If you can post the picture of the daily item on your days, that's good enough. Thanks! ;)

Here's the new item: the Ruby Ring.

Here are the new Daily Explorer posts. 
Pet monkeys (a flying one, too!). 

That's it for today. Before I leave, I'll try to post the specials glitch post. Bye jammers! (For a long time.)


I was going to put this on art but I think it looks better here ;)


  1. Will try out :) Gonna send post directly tomorrow or something ;)

    1. Thanks! I got it. I know you can I've seen your blog before and you are hardworking, so congratulations! But first I have to figure out your email... XD

  2. Yay! I've always wanted to be an author on this amazing blog! I will send you an example post very soon, so be sure to check your email. ^•^

  3. I am definitely trying out! so here it is:

    Hi im Bluewat! (rubikitty)
    I can take screenshots, I have good grammar, but, sometimes I type too fast. I can post but note that I am only aloud 1 hour on weekdays, 2 hours on weekends (on computer). I am active on this blog (looky at top commenters! x3) im under 18, I can keep promises.

    I am funny, happy, determined, can be a good leader or follower, I enjoy drawing digitally and on paper, I love to read, I LOVE ANIMAL JAM :DD.

    thanks, Bluewat

  4. Post example:

    Hello :3 Silver Posting today,Heres the new item!

    (Insert Item here)

    And a Post from the Dailey Expoloer!

    (Insert Their Post here)

    Well,This was Short,Have a Kitten picture :3

    (Insert kitten Picture here)


    About me:
    Name (Just to call me,not my real name X3) Silver
    Im a Cat drawer! All i ever draw is Cats! Well,The odd wolf,I Spend most of my time Lisening to songs and Planning out Animations to fit the song,Since im a Decent Animator.I Tend to join Many WC Maps\Chaicter MAPs,I Also Make videos,But not as mutch as before X3


Hey jammers! A note from stang: Please be kind, appropriate and do not use any strong language. Thank you!

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