Thursday, September 4, 2014

Animal Jam's Birthday and Our 500th Post! Plus Egypt, Sugar Gliders, Parties and More!

Hi buddies, this is Stang.

Today is Animal Jam's 4th birthday! Yay! It is extra special because it landed on update day, too! AJHQ celebrates this day with eight new items, a new party, a new code, and even more new stuff! This post is huge so there will be a page break (sorry) because there are about 20 pictures in this post!

Be sure to read the whole post and share it with your friends to make sure they don't miss out on anything!

Happy Birthday Animal Jam!

Not only is today a special day due to AJ's birthday, but this is the blog's 500th post! Whoa, talk about luck! I didn't even plan this! XD

Before we get to all the news and new stuff, here's an Animal Jam Buddies special.
A wonderful blog reader replied to my question: "What makes a good buddy? Who are you best buddies and why?"

Translation if you can't read the picture below: (this is not the full thing, just the basic meaning)

"A good buddy is not someone rare but a friend with a kind heart. My good friends are Stang and Smoothay. Not only do they have a kind heart but they will help you when you are in need. The don't judge you but accept you as who you are."

Comment: "That was BEAUTIFUL." *in tears*

There's a new pet: the super-cute sugar gliders!

Adopt one today at your local Diamond Shop!
I don't know if I posted about rhinos yet or if Katniss did, but here they are too.

Talking about new stuff, The Bunny Claw is new, too!

 There is a new Animal Jam Birthday party and a new code, AJBDAY4, which you can type into the code area when you log on to receive a special cake!

It looks really small, doesn't it? Well you can click on it to grow!

It's really hard to make it grow because you have to click right on the bottom of the cake, in between the cake and plate. 

EDIT: Okay jammers, I heard that you actually have to click the paw prints...

 I wasn't able to complete the 'transformation', so here it is, from a Youtube video.

Here's what the party looks like! (Credit to the video, too.)

Too many pictures! Here's a page break! Just click Read More to find out more about Animal Jam's newest update and other specials... :)

Here's the video, below. Enjoy! I didn't watch it with sound so proceed with caution!

I tried to directly put it in but I had to download it from Youtube which I don't know how.

New items, the encrusted diamond armor series and the Egypt series!

Here's the new den item series.

Here is the armor series.

I couldn't find the clothing series, strangely... :|

A beloved animal is returning as the Beta party is leaving...

Here is the Beta party and the AJ Birthday Party!

The Summer Carnival is leaving! There will be a sale (unless there already is, I didn't check).

The banner warns all jammers of it's departure.

An advertisement for Animal Jam's products.

Looks like today's a lucky day, I got 1,500 gems! :)

There were about 20 pictures in this post but that's not it for today! Check out our pages for new updates, plus my new game. Click here to play it! Thank you for reading, and jam on!



  1. Awesome!

  2. WOOHOO !
    :D YOU'RE DA BEST!!!

  3. Congrats on the 500th post!
    I wish this blog and the authors a happy journey with this blog. ;)
    May your blog continue for years more...
    This blog has meant a lot to jammers and will still. :D
    If you keep posting, we'll keep reading! :D
    Jam on!
    And happy birthday AJHQ-the best game ever! ^.^
    Best wishes,

    1. Thank you so much Sweetpanda! Your comment is very touching :)

  4. Congratz On your new mile marker! I am so glad I am a part of this blog. Without this blog, I would not be the person I am today. Aj B-day is awesome also. To Stang: Stang, You are the best, I love you for that. You make my days shine bright and you are my future sister.

    1. Aw thanks Lorelei :)
      I'm glad the blog and I lighted up your world. I hope we can continue to do that for years onward.


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