Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Comic Con, Greely, and Animal Jam Turns Four Tomorrow

Hi buddies, this is Stang! :)

Today I have a lot of special news, but first, as always, or usually, I guess, the daily item! :P
What determines the order of the alphas, alphabetical order, the order the animals came out, or something else, like size?

The Animal Jam Comic Con is coming soon, in Salt Lake, Utah, which is where the Animal Jam headquarters is. 
#phantomtakeover :)

Credit to Akachip! :)
Happy fourth birthday, Animal Jam! Well, happy early birthday. AJ turns 4 tomorrow! In addition, tomorrow is update day, so there will be a huge new party, new items, a new code and cake and more!

I think this is a new advertisement. There used to be another fox dress up advertisement but the fox was in butterfly wings and in a best dressed area. 

That's not it for today, check out my new game, Trade Journey Demo!

Click here for awesomeness and fun! This game is based on Animal Jam and Poptropica.

Thanks for reading, share to support and jam on! Spread the amazing news, fellow buddies, bye! :)



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