Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Pre-Post; Meet The Blue What?

Hi AJ fans! I'm Bluewat Dragon (Full Name: BlueKatWolfDragon) and Rubikitty on AJ. At the time I am a nm, but I asked my mom if I could buy the membership again, because once your a member, nonmember is never enough to satisfy. xD Here is my animal account:

I am  Juniper Icystar ;3

                            I like to be funny and I love ANIMAL JAM (Made from squished animals!) I love bubbles, happiness, a shadow(to hide in), magic, and RUSSIAN BUBBLES(Not Real <----)!

But you know what REALLY bugs me? this: MEMBERS ONLY
it just makes me spasm *spasm* with  madness *roar* it just... UGH don't mention those bad signs :0 they are bad luck.
guess what: random page break :D

Ok, so one final thing! I have a small video for you!
if you want to watch that  you can but here is my pre-post video!
Thanks so much for watching/reading! again, im very grateful to be here.
`~Bluewat Dragon :3


  1. ;D commenty commenty! I hope I did ok :)

    1. This is great! I'll put a link to this in the daily post Google+. Good job, Bluewat! I'll post the special how to blog post tomorrow because three posts in one day seems like too much (it only happened once on this blog).


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