Thursday, September 25, 2014

Caged Phantoms and Goodbye Summer

Hai jammers! We have a new author in our blog, BlueWat Dragon!!! Please give a warm welcome to our biggest commentor and newest author!! :)

All righty :) Our new item of the day...................

Wow!!! The Night of the Phantoms preparations are really going underway :O I can't wait until that night comes... all the bats and ghosts and phantoms fly out and IT'S A HAPPY HALLOWEEN lol :) Anways, the Caged Phantom is found in the Diamond Shop located in Jamaa Township ~ so get yours now!!!

A quick reminder for the things that are going away in the next week or so....

That's all for today!! :) Bai people !


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  1. Thanks so much RiverClanMistyfoot! I'm very excited to be an author but im still figuring stuff out :). Give me a little time and I'll be posting!


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