Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Graham, Let's Learn, and I Have NO Buddies!

Hi buddies! This is Stang the stangerine ;)

Katniss has found a temporary home but it's for quite some time so she may be able to post more often.

Today's item is the Graham Portrait! Yay! :)
It's very ornamental but simple like nature. It's literally made of branches.

Let's learn about otters! :D
An educational video with Dr. Tierney!

I have no buddies D:
Hehe random face haha

Anyway, out of Stang's random universe. I think my large loss of buddies is a glitch. I hope 0-0

I have a question for you people: What makes a good buddy? 
(You can also put your favorite buddies/buddy if you want.)

That's it for today! (Maybe >:D)
Bye, share to support and jam on!


P. S. I COMMAND YOU to play my new game! >:0
Haha just kidding but you can check it out by clicking the link.


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  2. What makes a good buddy?
    What makes a good buddy is not someone rare, It is a friend with a kind heart. My good friend is Stang and Smoothay. They are both kind hearted. Not only a kind heart. But they will help you in need. They never think anyone has to be perfect. But they hope you can just be you.


    1. ; - ; t-that w-w-was B-B-BEATIFUL

      ~Rubikitty :3

    2. Thank you so much! I love it; it was amazing! X3


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