Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gold Galore, Glitches, and Goodbyes

Hey again, AJ buddies!! It's RiverClanMistyfoot again :) I hope you enjoyed my post yesterday...Hope it was good  :)

Jumping right into the new item.....

The Golden Phantom is back in the Diamond Shop!!!! It's the first item in the section with the hovering rain cloud, tail armor, and legendary glove. I guess we're not throwing a welcome party for the phantom, but a re-welcome party now :)  Hopefully, all the phantoms will appear in the Diamond Shop again :D

There's also a new post in the Daily Explorer about Mr. Gold today :)

On a much sadder note, it's the inline skates' last day in Jamaa :/ I guess the summer is really slipping away.... but you can still skate in the fall! Hey AJ, don't take them away D:

And for those of you who like to get a head start on things and get them done earlier, here are some of the items that will be going away within the next few days.

Be sure to get your very own before -sniffle- Animal Jam takes them away! 

And lastly, some random glitches I found while zooming around .... Please forgive me if someone's already posted these already :)
Not sure if the bunnies are supposed to be sticking out..... .-. Guess we can get them without the claw......

Dancing too close to the edge.... I just hope I don't fall off!!!!

Thanks for reading meh post!!! Rock on and play wild ! :)

~~ RiverClanMistyfoot~~ <3


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