Monday, September 15, 2014

Rare Boa and Neglected Pets...

Hi buddies, this is Stang. I apologize for the late post.

Today's Monday Rare is harder to find than the other ones, mainly because it's a water object.
The Rare Seaweed Boa is located in Bahari Bargains on I think the 2nd or 3rd page....

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has commented. We have received 2-9 comments on 11 consecutive posts, with 3 of them being 9! Amazing! Thank you everyone!

This post is really short so here's a random picture (and caption) from none other than the original Stang. :)

I haven't seen many tarantulas around here. Should neglected pets go away for a while; go exploring or take a vacation? (Like the monkeys have gone away.) Comment your ideas in the comment section below, thanks!

That's it for today, check back tomorrow for more news! Share to support and jam on bye!



  1. Yes, I think they should leave, cuz if nobody uses it, then they shouldnt have it.

    1. They should make pets leave stores for a while and let you trade pets so they become rare! :D

  2. I will be tarantula buddies wit you stang!


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