Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Phantoms and the Endings of Summers and Lists

Hi guys :) It's RiverClanMistyfoot again ~ gonna be a quick post because I've got a lot of stuff to do today :/

Anyway, the new item's the Trapped Phantoms :O They're back in the Diamond Shop for only 1 diamond :)

Man, I wish I was a member so I could buy one of these guys -sigh- They look so cool..... although the fact that I'd have to share a den with these creepy things does make my skin crawl....

Meanwhile, here are all the items that are going away within the next ten days :( Summer really is flying away from Jamaa... Wish it could stay longer, though ~ It's meh favorite season :)

And lastly, here's a glitch that's been happening to me quite often lately ~ It's kinda annoying sometimes, because I have to keep refreshing the whole page just to see my other buddies :/
See, it says I have 68 other buddies, but it's not letting me scroll :P 

That's it for today, I guess... See you all next time!!! 

~~ RiverClanMistyfoot~~ <3


  1. No membership why?! Eh the diamond shop is gonna start bringing a lot of betas. Maybe headdresses. No that's going too far. Is it?

    1. Yeah probably. People love their headdresses!


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