Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dr. Brady and the Ice Bucket Challenge Plus Poll and AJ Birthday Party

Hi buddies, this is Stang.

When I received this notification from AJHQ, I got some... ideas.

Naturally, I decided to ask Brady Bar to do the ice bucket challenge. If you don't know what that is, it's a fun activity that donates money to a society that helps, well, people I guess. 

If you want Brady Bar to do the ice bucket challenge, go to his theater, click on the video rack and press 'ask Dr. Brady a question'.

Do the ice bucket challenge, Brady Bar! And all you other AJHQ people :D
Today's new item is another Egyptian themed item: the Egyptian Hat!

And here are the results to the poll that has been up forever:  

Katniss's average rating is 3.2173913043478260869565217391304, or 3.2 stars out of 5 which is also 64%. 

And below is a LOT of pictures and writing about the Animal Jam Fourth Birthday Party! :)

Here's where you start. The place seems quite like earlier AJBDAY parties.

Happy Birthday Animal Jam!
I can't go to the party in the French server or other ones, but for those who have, is the Happy Birthday written in French or another language?

Items! There were a whooping 25 items! You can buy them on the second layer of cake to the right.

Click read more to see all the items!

There are too many items ofr me to say all their names, but they're basically an alpha name with what type of statue they are.
Statue types: Bronze Atlas, Bronze Jade, Bronze Ruby, and plainly Bronze.

The biggest pictures ever :P Stitched together by me, Stang.
Walk up a slice of cake to the next layer of cake...

...and up the next to the topmost layer! It is topped with a huge, proud 4 announcing Animal Jam's new age.

Thanks for reading jammers, share to support and jam on! If any of your friends didn't have the chance to explore the party yet, share this with them! Bye buddies!



Hey jammers! A note from stang: Please be kind, appropriate and do not use any strong language. Thank you!

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