Friday, September 26, 2014

Vanity, Otter Adoption and Fall has Arrived

Hi buddies, this is Stang.

I'm actually not supposed to post but no one did today, so I just did. I abhor no-post days. (But you other author still have to post!)

Anyway, today's new item is the Stone Vanity found in Kimbara Imports.

I feel like it's based off another item... Maybe a different themed vanity, because it looks very familiar.
Here's the latest Daily Explorer post. More than 5,000 jammers helped AJHQ adopt three real live otters. Does that mean there are 5,000 active animal jam players with paid membership? 

Fall has arrived in Animal Jam! There's those spooky pumpkins and darkness overshadowing Jamaa Township. 
Night of the Phantoms is coming soon! (That's what the holiday is called, right?)

Hi buddies! Fall has arrive. 
That's it for today, but tomorrow I will have a special post about how to blog for beginners! Check back tomorrow for more and share to support. Jam on, bye!



  1. That vanity is based off the one you can buy at the den shop, I just forgot whst is was called, dresser? Vanity?

  2. The cutest animal in the world is a baby otter :3 *RANDOM*


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