Sunday, September 28, 2014

Falling Fall

Hai again, meh people!!! It's RiverClanMistyfoot here, and I'm gonna rush through this at the speed of my fingers..... :)

New item today:
Introducing ze rake and leaf pile, found on the first page of the Jam Mart Furniture!!! Hmm... I remember something like this being here last year... without the rake, though, I think....

A new post from AJ Explorer.....
XD Sorry for the small pic, had to shrink it to fit one solid cut, and I was too lazy to get it in two or three times :) 

Quick quick quickzzzzzzzz ~ The items that will be going away within the next week, give or take :) Be sure to get that stuff before it gets chewed away by the new phantoms hovering in Jamaa!!!

Speaking of phantoms, looks like this year's phantoms are quite tame ~ Spent a couple minutes trying to make one zap me, but it won't lol :D

Spotted this near the bulletin board (I hope that's what it's called XD) in Jamaa Township..............

And lastly, I wonder why it's snowing around that particular phantom... A shout-out to you all: Does it snow during the fall???? .-.
That's it for today!! Bai!!



  1. Maybe it's snowing to represent the evilness of a phantom?

    1. Snow's evil? I kind of like snow although it gets all cold. Maybe it's just something to represent the weather getting colder or an added special/ominous effect.

  2. "...I'm going to rush through this..."

    *Posts 14 pictures*


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