Friday, September 5, 2014

Beta Party, Scrolls, Many Views and Opinions

Hi buddies, this is Stang.

About the "Opinion" part of the title: I realized that Animal Jam Buddies isn't just a blog about the basic facts of the new item and updates. The authors (well most of them and most of the time) post their opinions on the new item, updates, glitches, comments and more stuff. That's what makes us special, plus numerous other features. ;)

I decided that I should make another series of posts if you guys want them. It's quite like a "____ Reacts to ____" post. You can comment if you want it and what the topic is. Don't worry, I read every comment*.

*Restrictions may apply. Google email has labeled emails from Blogger as spam so I can't read them as often. Still, please continue to comment because as long as you do it within the week, I will see it.

Here's today's new item: the Papyrus Scrolls!
Papyrus scrolls were used in ancient Egypt and other places as paper. They were made by taking the papyrus plant and squishing them between heavy objects such as rocks, then removing the rocks to reveal a paper-like item.*
*Story is according to my memory...

Yay! We reached the highest view amount in quite a while! (And we got another Blog Buddy!)
Thank you buddies for all your support!

To be honest, I have not gone to the Beta Party until today. It just never landed on the same time as I was playing, or I never checked because I am truly in a rush sometimes.

I began by running around the place. 

Okay so there's a big Graham monkey statue above the bridge, which is where you enter.

Here's a big bird.

Here's the first floor of the beta party house!
There are so many beta items scattered among the place, but their color has been altered. Why?

Here's the top floor. Did you notice fake items, too?

Post... too... huge...
*breaks page*

Here's some role-play for you role-play people. Anyway, here's a page break. This post really is becoming too big XD
Click read more to read more about the Beta Party! (Items up ahead!)

Here's the patio. It's very instrument themed.

This is the sale area, located on the right of the patio. Half the items are member and the other half is nonmember. The items include: Beta TV and banners (5 types). 
The Beta TV is not a real beta item because it is member. Back in the old beta days, EVERYTHING was nonmember. 

Yay, a piano! :)

 That's it for today, jammers! Share to support and check out the other pages! I am coming out with new polls. I'll try to make a new one every week or so. Thanks for reading, bye!



  1. yay fishies working! wait a sec. did it work yesterday? :P

    1. It worked sometime ago... I forgot when.

  2. Stang, Your welcome for your support. For you I decided to make a new holiday. The new holiday is.... Friends week. It starts sunday. You are welcome to join me at my den all week! Tell all your friends and fans I want this to be a successful holiday! Thank you! Bye!

    1. I'll put it on Special Announcements. Thanks Lorelei! I may not be able to come though because I am busy on Sunday.

  3. Still Haven't Gone.Im waiting to ^_^ c:


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