Sunday, September 7, 2014

Taco Beards, Phantom Helmet, Summer Sale and DEs

Hi buddies! It's Stang here.

Snowytaco was able to get the picture of the new item but she didn't have the time ot post, so here it is! (She sent it to me.)

The new item is the Egyptian Beard! Credit to Snowytaco for the picture.

AJHQ is constantly cranking out new items for the adventures! (This is probably old but there's so many items that I can't keep up! :P)

These might make a good outfit...

There's a sale at the Summer Carnival! Everything is half off!

Four days of Daily Explorer posts. Click for a bigger picture! :)

I'm working on special posts, but for now, that's it for today! Don't forget to vote on our new poll and share to support! Comment your feedback and suggestions and if there's a lot of people on at once, don't forget to check the Chat page. Bye buddies!



  1. ^_^ Not the Longest,But i think its the 3rd losngest post here!

    1. This is long? (Wait until you read the AJ's birthday update post! XD) Unless it isn't on the Home Page anymore...

  2. Also,For Top atougher..i Would go for you..But im going for Katniss becuase she Defanatly Reads my Favorite Book xD

    (Im a huge fan of the Hunger Games,Even if im only halfway through the 2nd,Made me cry before D: WHYYY *Spoiler* RUEEYY WHY -Dang i hate you Marble-)


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