Thursday, September 18, 2014

Katniss QUITS! Plus New Game, Pandas and Monkeys, and Glitched Adventure!

Hello blog readers! This is Stang.

Today we have a huge update to cover plus some drama stuff.

Katniss quit. Here's some quotes: (I did not correct grammar/spelling; they're quotes)
"i'm never gonna post again. I quit!"
"I have a life away from a dumb website. 
I guess I was going hard on her, because I care about this blog and take posting seriously. The blog is a big responsibility and I, honestly, can be quite strict.

Anyway, here's the new Jamaa Journal!

Pet Monkeys are here. It is the new daily item. 

A new game! Yay!

This is the Kimbara Outback's newest game. 

Read more to see what the game looks like and more Jamaa Journal pages.

Here's where the new game, Spot On, is located.

When you play, pick a category of what animal kingdom you would like the play. 

This will apear, and in the biggest section, it will tell you to click anywhere. A circle will start growing and 'erasing' the paw prints that cover the picture below. 
You have a limited amount of time to guess what animal is it. 

This one was a badger. 
Helping otters and fall is coming!

Looks like I built my phantom den in time! :)

Pandas are returning! And there is a new panda video to celebrate their reunion with the animals of Animal Jam. 

I got a notification for it, too.

There's also been a rumor about the glitched adventure. It's real, alright.
I wasn't there at the time so I don't know much about it, but here's a video from Jamaa CreepyPasta!

Click this link:

That was a lot! Please comment your thoughts and reactions below; we love comments! I will respond to comments that have been published recently (and that make sense).

Please check out other pages and posts and jam on! Share to support, bye!



  1. For the pet adventure, i think you can only get in there with certain pets or diamond shop pets idk.

    1. It was actually a pre-released adventure that got later removed. You can play with all pets, I think.

  2. Wow Stang thanks for using the meanest words I created. -.-

    1. I said that I was truly going hard on you after the quotes.

  3. This is sad, It's pretty normal I guess that Katniss quited beacause blogging made her a problem in life. But she sounded like a hater calling AJB 'dumb website'. I guess your now the only one who can post :(.

  4. I'm sorry about Katniss thingy. I love your den. I love this blog and can be an author here, if you wish. I might not be able to post everyday, I'll miss some but jammers will love my posts! If you want, I can send you some example posts! ^•^

    1. Thanks for all the support! (And the compliment :P) If you can post at least once or twice a week, that would be fine.


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